Hi everyone,

So here I am again, pouring out my heart to you . I wrote a poem about love. I have to warn you though, I have minimal experience in this area, so everything I have written here are just opinions coming from  limited experience. It may not be exactly accurate or explicit. So for us who have truly experienced true love, I would love to read about your experience in the comments section.  Alright…here we go.

  • What is love?

Is it a feeling? Is it a choice?

Do you have control over it? Is there a balance of power?

Can you keep your heart in check when it greatly cries out for something?

Can you fill that void with something else?

What is love?

Is it that deep , intense emotion which tears your heart apart when you don’t hear from Him?

Or is it that intense feeling of joy you get when you finally talk to her?

Is it that feeling of completeness you have when you are with him?

When it seems like with her, you can do anything.


Is love that hollow feeling you have when you don’t feel His presence?

Is it that heavy heart you have when it seems like  he has drifted?

Or is it that acute feeling of relief you get when she finally calls your name?

Is it the peace you have when she is with you?

What is love?

It has been spoken about, sung about, written about

Man’s greatest need; His greatest hunger

Man’s greatest gift yet his greatest weakness

Nothing physical, yet its absence is total emptiness.

It can never be adequately described

Can never be sufficiently expressed

It can only be experienced

And when you do, you will know

What is love?

Love is vulnerability; Love is pain

Love is sacrifice; giving up of yourself

Love is indescribable; Love is unreasonable

Love is irrational yet so pure

What is love?

Love is where there seem to be better options,

There seem to be other alternatives,

Plenty of reasons why you should leave,

But like a leech, you are stuck on this one.

Love is trust; Love is believing

Love is being vulnerable even at the risk of a broken heart

Love is acceptance even before repentance

Love is kindness even when hurt

Love is leaving all you have in search of one.

Love is inexhaustible; Its the greatest power in the world

An oasis of peace for all mankind

And what joy! How happy is the one

Who truly rests in the bosom of true love.

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