So Tope is in an emotional quagmire…or is quagmire the word? More like emotional roadblock…or let’s call it emotional traffic. You know those types that happen in those major streets in lagos, where there is nothing actually blocking the road but no one just moves. Like people are just stuck but if one gets to check what is actually causing the traffic, they’d actually see nothing. So let’s say Tope is in an emotional go-slow. She just hasn’t been able to have feelings for anyone, like literally anyone. Normally, it shouldn’t be a big deal but for Tope, this is a first. For as long as she could remember, she has either liked or crushed on or tripped for someone. It was usually nothing serious, it was just usual.She was used to hearing things like “how far nau? Where’s the new boo?” because according to her friends “she no dey dull at all”.




However, now it’s so different. The flirty mood seems to have gone down the drain. This is not about anything deep like opening her heart to someone, I mean she has lost interest even in the basic things like flirting, staring at a boy so closely because she wants him to talk to her, waiting for that guy’s call that made her smile… you know all those usual girly acts and moves and feelings that can only be understood by girls…she seems to have lost it all. Like now, she doesn’t feel anything, men literally look like statues or lizards…you know they are everywhere but you just don’t notice. She really doesn’t care anymore. When she wants to step out, she forgets to care about how she looks anymore. Or if she ever gets to dress up, it’s because she wants to “feel herself” not because she wants anyone else to “feel” her. Now she just wants to spend time with her girls or with “friendzoned “guys who have equally “friendzoned” her. Thus there’s no need to impress or fake a smile or act sweet and coy. She wants to be with those whom she can just be herself with, those with whom she can just be quiet with and they won’t think she’s having a mood swing or she’s being a bitch. She’s so tired of the lecherous looks, uninvited attention and errant butterflies in her tummy.

Maybe what’s causing this unusual state is that she just broke up with her boyfriend of two years. It wasn’t so painful; it was even expected so she wasn’t surprised or shocked that it happened. It was just one of those things, you know…life. Or maybe what’s causing this is that she’s tired of this cycle. The “meet someone, like someone, hang out with someone and before anything gets serious, the said someone becomes distant and impossible to reach and next time, the someone is with someone else” cycle. Maybe she’s tired of using men for the free rides, free dates and free dinners with her girlfriends because as she knew “awoof dey turn belle”. Maybe she is tired of the constant flirting and having friends with benefits and being match made with every other single person on the planet or maybe she is tired of having to smile and be “nicely flirty” with every potential male species because she doesn’t know who would be THE ONE for her. Maybe she just wants to meet and be with the love of her life or maybe she just want to curl up, eat popcorn and watch “Game of Thrones”. YOLO abeg…




    1. Lol.Ok, truthfully,I’m not Tope right now but sometimes, I have traces of Tope in me. When the “struggle” gets too much, I just revert to my “Tope” mode. Safe is the word and nothing says “safe” better than the friendzone.


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