Hey everyone, how are we doing?

So I wrote this poem once when I was in such a confused state. This was about four years ago. I remember I woke up at about 2a.m in the morning to write this. I wasn’t able to sleep, I kept turning and tossing on my bed trying to figure out a possible solution to the quagmire in which I had found myself. Even after writing the poem, I can’t remember if I found a solution or not. I just remember that it felt therapeutic to have my feelings on paper. It gave me clarity. So I’m sure we’ve all been in these kind of situations one time or the other so I hope you find it relate-able(pardon my grammar). Here goes:


The anguish in my soul;

The cry of a confused heart

When all is done and all is said

Still no place to turn nor where to hide

The stick is burnt at both ends;

Both burning and I’m just in the middle

Caught with no place to turn

Between the devil and the deep waters

Where will I go?

With tears in my eyes

And groans from my lips

I ache to find an answer

Yet this eureka eludes me

This way or that, I do not know

When I look here, I see a light

The truth out in a form

I look there and see more lights

The truth out in more forms

Oh God, what is this!

Why would one and one give two?

Yet one and one is eleven

Truth is all the two are right

I just don’t know which to choose

This could make or break me

Caught in the middle

Seeing from both sides

Yet the truth is hidden

Shadows and light

Dancing on my path

Falling on each side

So I run for the light

But to a shadow it turns

So I’m caught in the dark


What exactly do I want?

Of a truth, I do not know

I want neither here nor there

Yet I crave each of here and there

I sigh deeply, still I have to choose



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