Hey Guys

So if you are reading this,you are reading my first work ever written for public consumption. How do i feel?Excited,i guess. Scared?definitely!Why?Because this is way out of my comfort zone. See,owning a blog has always been one of my dreams for a very long time. In fact,for as long as i can remember,i have always wanted to write…and I’ve always wanted people to read what i write.

To me,this is not just a blog,it is a vision that has been in my heart for ages. Truth is,sometimes i just take my note and scribble something and usually,it is for marks(school essays anyone…) or I may write just to vent. This time however, I’m writing for people who i do not know, who I’ve never met and who i may never meet to actually read,judge,like or criticize my work. Ever since i had this dream and even till now,questions have been going through my head like  ‘How would I do it?’…  ‘What if no one wants to read?’…’Will my opinions be controversial?’ blah blah blah

But you know one thing with dreams?While other people may not understand or it may look too small,too big,too shallow or plain impossible; to you,that dream is something infinitely precious. Like a two week old baby in the womb of a very expectant pregnant woman. No one sees it yet,even the mother herself. But does she know its there?You bet! . She is offered a glass of wine or a stick of cigarette but she says ‘no’ with a firm nod. Nothing should hurt this jewel,she thinks. Questions race through her brains everyday,she doesn’t understand the changes in her body,the discomfort,the unexpected rush of happiness or the heavy feel of fear that follows soon after. It does not feel pleasant all the time but the thought of her precious baby is more than enough to keep her going.

Is she not us?Pregnant with dreams? Calling out to us from inside. We look inward excitedly yet remain fearful cautious. We see possibilities yet the difficulties appear sharp and threatening like thorns surrounding a rosebush. Hope calls our name but fear halts our steps. But like a glowing ember, the dream refuses to die, instead it waits for just the slightest oxygen to rekindle it. So all we can do is take a deep breadth,close our eyes and let our dreams lead us as far as it can.

And what brought me into this philosophical mood this morning? Oh yeah,its my blog people! Standing ovation anyone?,lol. Please I would like to hear your responses,constructive criticisms and general comments. Email is Happy reading guys


10 thoughts on “THE DREAMER

  1. Uche!!!!!! I am so excited for you. I just found this and I’m now going to read every single post on here. More grease to your elbow and I wish you all the very best. And great job with the writing.


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